Size Matters: The Benefits of Doing Business with a Small Company

//Size Matters: The Benefits of Doing Business with a Small Company

Size Matters: The Benefits of Doing Business with a Small Company

In this age of huge multinational companies and global commerce, it can be easy to think that bigger is always better.

So when looking for a company to do business with, whether that’s as a supplier, a distributor or service provider, it can be easy to go straight to the biggest names in the field.

However, when you look at the day-to-day reality of business, smaller companies often offer much more in return, providing you with a personal service that could suit your requirements far better than any global corporation ever could.


If you’re a small business or even a sole trader, a small company is far more likely to understand how your business works and what it needs to grow.

They will be familiar with the daily issues and challenges that you face, and be in a better position to try and help you find solutions to overcome them.

When dealing with a small business, they will also have a better idea of the resources that you have at your disposal, understanding what requests will be possible and impossible to fulfil.

Big businesses may have lots of resources, but they can be impersonal


In large national or international companies, finding the person who is responsible for dealing with your query or complaint can be almost impossible.

Your call gets passed from department to department, with you having to repeat your request every time someone new picks up the phone.

Whereas if you’re dealing with a small company, there are a lot fewer places that the buck can be passed to before someone takes responsibility for your enquiry.

In fact, if it’s a company that you deal with regularly, you’ll probably know the names of the people that you normally contact, and they’ll know yours. This makes finding solutions and resolving problems a lot easier and less stressful.


Benefits of Doing Business with a Small CompanyJust like accountability, when it comes to accessibility, a small company will win almost every time.

You may always have your call answered when you call up a big business, but if there’s no one there with the relevant knowledge or authority to speak to, and then your call has been a waste of time.

When contacting a small company, they’ll know exactly who you need to speak to, and if they’re not in the office, should be able to help you get in touch quickly.

When dealing with a small company, you’re more likely to get a personal service

Personal service

Large corporations will probably have a lot of resources and backing behind them, and therefore be able to offer you some great services and packages. But a small business will be able to tailor them to your needs.

Smaller operations are far more likely to take each client on individually, talking through their exact requirements and moulding their products to suit, so that you get a much more practical and targeted solution for your business needs.


Big businesses may be able to offer competitive prices due to the volume of business that they take on, but generally small companies with be able to offer you better deals on their products.

They should also have more understanding about the financial constraints and challenges faced by other small businesses or sole traders, and are more flexible as a result.


One of the most important factors in choosing to do business with a small company is the partnership that you can build up as you work together. Visit Touchdown Answers for a range of small business solutions.

As you both get to know the people, the processes and needs of each other’s businesses, over time you’ll be able to build a mutually beneficial partnership where both parties get a good service and a good result.

So next time you’re looking for a new service providers for your growing business, ignore the flashy big guys, and give another growing business a helping hand, and both of your companies will be better off as a result.

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