5 SEO Myths That You Must Ignore

//5 SEO Myths That You Must Ignore

5 SEO Myths That You Must Ignore

SEO comes with a whole lot of mystique. It can seem like one area of SEO is dead. A new trend comes and goes. The changes to algorithms can confuse matters further. It appears to be the case that there is a host of myths, topics and discussions that are centred on the world of SEO.

When it comes to SEO, there are certainly some myths that you need to ignore. After all, your small business needs to be a success in order to grow and survive. SEO can be the ticket to your success.

  1.    Making Sense of Keywords

The keyword conundrum continues to baffle people. What makes a good keyword? How can you ensure that you are using the right keywords in order to engage with your customers and clientele? Are search engines still taking note of keywords? In short, yes. Keywords are still an important aspect of SEO. But, there have been some changes. Now, it’s all about conversation keywords. But, you also need to ensure that you are omitting Meta keywords from your search.

  1.    The Myth of PPC

Many people believe that buying ads can affect rankings. Strictly speaking this is not true. PPC is an excellent tool to have in your marketing arsenal. But, it doesn’t help you attain the number one spot. Rather, it acts an advert and nothing else. So, while your PPC ad may be placed higher than the number one spot, this is done to create awareness. You don’t have to dismiss PPC, but understanding its effectiveness is important.

  1.    Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing, in short, is a major no-no. The density of the keywords should be used sparingly. After all, you want to ensure that your customers are getting the most from your content. Unless, of course, you want to be writing in Spam-glish. Make sure that you are writing with your target audience in mind. Add links where possible. Check out SEOoutsourcingguide.com link building tips for more information on how to do this correctly. Don’t just spam people with your thoughts in the hope that Google will see it. You need to make sure that your audience and useful links are at the heart of your content writing endeavours.

  1.    Dispelling the Issue of Links

Quality links are still an important component of SEO. Do be sure to not litter your content with links for the sake of it. High authority is where it’s at. The key is to enhance the reader’s experience. Too many links can distract away from the text. What’s more, Google and other search engines don’t like this.

  1.    Social Media and Social Signals

Social media is a vital tool for any small business. But, don’t rely on it too heavily when it comes to rank increases. You need to have an engaged audience. Update daily. Release blogs, content and images to encourage people to talk about your brand. Social media can be a positive tool to building a successful relationship with your customers. But, social signals are not everything.

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