SEO Basics: 4 Ways to Make Sure that Your Website is Optimised For SEO

//SEO Basics: 4 Ways to Make Sure that Your Website is Optimised For SEO

SEO Basics: 4 Ways to Make Sure that Your Website is Optimised For SEO

SEO is fundamental to the online success of any business. We all know that this is a fact. But, when it comes to ensuring that our websites are optimised for SEO, are we doing enough? Having an excellent website is important. But, it’s also essential that it is ready for SEO purposes.

Many entrepreneurs are keen to skip the basics. They think that they need masses of content, fancy visuals and a striking Facebook presence. Of course, these are essential for success. But don’t forget the basics either. You need to ensure that you are maximising your website.

How to Make Sure that Your Website is Optimised for SEO

Your website is one of the most valuable business tools that you have. So, ensure that it is in good standing. You need to make sure that your website is giving search engines what it wants, while still being great for the customer experience.

Ensure that you are on the right side of Google and Bing and make your website good enough to rank high in SERPS. Search engines operate by pulling the right information for the users need. With this, you need to ensure that your website is relevant.

So, what are search engines looking for?

Here are four things you need to add to your website.

  1. Content

Content, content, content. Everyone wants to read content. It’s one of the easiest ways to ensure that you are performing to the high SEO standards that has become commonplace for businesses. There are some great ways that you can distribute content. Do be sure to include a blog page on your website. Include content that is relevant to your consumers. If you sell windows and doors, talk about safety in the winter. Make sure that your customers are benefitting from insightful content. This is critical to your success.

  1. Performance

How is your website performing? Is it slow and clunky? Or is it super slick and mega quick? We hope it’s the latter. You have to make sure that your website is performing to an exceptional standard. Search engines love it. But, your customers will too. Website design services can perform audits to ensure that your site is working correctly. If it is not performing as per the required standard, fix it.

SEO Performance


  1. Authority

So, you’ve distributed content on your primary site. Hopefully, you are sharing among your social media sites too. But, do you have content that is linking back to your site? What authoritative sites are deeming your site as a useful source? Content is an excellent way of achieving this. So, look at blogging and how you can maximise your link appeal.

  1. User Experience

How is your site looking? Is it a feat of modern art? Is it easy to use? What’s the navigation like? All of these things can sure that your customers are getting a good experience from your site. A low bounce rate is essential for SERPS. So, check out your bounce rate. If it’s high, look at ways to lower it.

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