5 Unusual Online Degrees with Great Job Opportunities

//5 Unusual Online Degrees with Great Job Opportunities

5 Unusual Online Degrees with Great Job Opportunities

For most adults and people who are already in the workforce, pursuing a post graduate education is simply not an option. Traditional learning has many caveats that nearly makes it impossible for people with tight schedules to further their education.

However, with recent advancements in online education, a wide variety of new degrees are available to students. And the number of degrees available keep increasing, with sometimes interesting courses that were once relegated to brick and mortar institutions. In this article, we’re going to explore five unusual degrees that are available online.

Bachelor Degree in Aeronautics

A growing number of industries are searching for graduate level aeronautics students to fill a variety of pilot positions. The program was initially created to fill the demand of the army and regional airlines who needed their certified pilots to complete purely academic courses. Courses include multi-engine theory, aviation weather and high speed aeronautics.

Bachelor in Integrative Health

With the recent advent of holistic and natural healthcare alternatives, there has been a growing demand for certified professionals in this area. Unfortunately, not a lot of traditional colleges offer this option. This program is especially good for those who didn’t have the qualifications to complete an administrative health degree. People with a degree in integrative health can fill jobs as educators in various healthcare facilities who will steer patients towards alternative healthcare options.

Online Master’s in Engineering

While most people think that acquiring a valid engineering degree from an online institution is nearly impossible, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Colleges like the University of California, Riverside, offer a variety of engineering classes that can be taken almost entirely online. Their master of science in engineering and master of engineering management not only gives students the basic tools to work in engineering, but also gives them the business savoir faire to coordinate projects that demand advanced knowledge of engineering principles and work as managers across many engineering fields.

Masters in Packaging Science

While packaging doesn’t seem like a particularly cutting edge field, there is a significant demand in this industry with very few qualified students to fill this need. Many online universities offer packaging courses where students will learn the ins and outs of tamper proofing, product specific packaging, packaging permeability and more.

Bachelor in Economic Crime Investigation

This degree is particularly suited for people who are interested in statistics and have a certain interest in finance. Students who follow this program will learn how to decipher financial documents and investigate Ponzi schemes, money laundering cases and fraud. This program combines criminal justice, mathematics and sociology among other things to give students a skill set that will allow them to fill a variety of jobs in law enforcement.

If you’re looking for a good degree that will allow you to get an edge on the competition and seek jobs that are in need of qualified students, consider these career alternatives. Not only will they increase your chances of finding a job straight out of college, they might steer you towards a vocation you didn’t even know existed.

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