Looking for a Career Change in 2017?

//Looking for a Career Change in 2017?

Looking for a Career Change in 2017?

Fed up of going to the same workplace every day? Has your career stagnated to the point that you dread Monday mornings and feel deflated every time you think about work? You shouldn’t carry on like this and the start of a new year represents the perfect opportunity to do something about it.

There are so many ways that you can adapt the direction that your career is going in. It might not even be a large scale change that you need, maybe you just need a little side-step into a role that you would get more satisfaction from. Either way, if you don’t do something about it now, you may never take the leap and never discover that a happier working life exists.

How to plan a career change 

If you don’t already know what area you want to move into then you need to do some research. What are your main skills? What do you enjoy doing most? Where in the career market do good opportunities exist?

Do the Research

There are lots of analytical tools that you can use to help define a career path that suits you down to the ground. Use LinkedIn and other career resources like Indeed, Jobsite and Monster to find out jobs are currently out there that you would like and find out the key skills and experience those roles are looking for.

Boost your skills 

Once you’ve found out the key skills required, if you haven’t got some of those skills then you can always try to acquire them, don’t just give up hope if you’re a few skills short. Whether it’s a course that you need to study or some online tutorials to get an in depth understanding of a subject, there are loads of free resources or free trials out there like Lynda.com. You can also sometimes find discounts for online courses and other types of training and resources on sites like 7coupons.in to help fill some of those skills gaps.

Have Confidence 

The statistics show that women are less likely to apply for jobs than men of a similar skillset. Men are more inclined to try to ‘wing it’ or hope that once they have started a job they can build the required skills up. You need to have confidence in yourself and your own ability and work on boosting your own self-esteem.

Refresh and Customise Your CV 

It may sound like a given but if you upload your old CV without checking it over then you could be ruling yourself out without even realising it. When you apply for your ideal job, you should customize your CV so that it shows good examples and experience of the key skills and experience that they are asking for. If you applied for a job a few months ago that required completely different skills then it is a bad idea to re-use the same CV.

Hone your Interviewing Skills 

It goes without saying that you need to put effort into interview preparation but the more you practice, the more you will be able to provide relevant examples for interviews.

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